The design of healthcare systems is an ever-relevant subject in today’s social climate and has been a sustained topic of interest for myself. As a device to wrestle with my questions concerning health-related design, I created Cüre in collaboration with several of my peers.

Cüre is a healthcare enterprise that examines the inaccessibility and privatization of healthcare. Cüre packages its various health treatments as “experimental” to highlight bleak consequences of un-affordable care systems.

The enterprise aims to explore the effect design has on the perceived functionality of healthcare and pharmaceutical products. The process dives into the ways that “Utopian” (or dystopian) product design can invite discomfort and alienate consumers from accessible healthcare products. These topics were explored throughout the design process in hopes to stir conversation about whether or not designed healthcare systems can follow a real moral compass. In turn, Cüre’s products pose as a critique of the United State’s healthcare system.

This project is not presented to seriously answer existing problems. Rather, it poses questions about health and privatized care through the lens of design.


Xerox Bold - 80lb, Bright White
Morton Mylar - Silver Chrome




Digital printer
Laser cutter
Vinyl cutter