Throughout my time at RISD and beyond, I’ve been assigned several projects which I’ve had a lot of fun thinking through, crafting, or sketching out. While it wouldn’t be appropriate to give them their own page, I think that play and process work still needs a place on in everyone’s portfolio. So, this is my place. 

Most projects to the left are one-week brainstorming pieces that I had a lot of fun making or were a cornerstone in working out a larger goal/project.  Given this, the documentation is not the same quality as my long-term projects. 

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How can fiction inform design? This subscription box is designed for a speculative, space-age reality. It aims to bring together familiar products and packaging with unfamiliar substances and cultures.

Each product is sourced directly from the newly reached planet, Dar Mankana. Although, not delicacies of Dar Mankanian culture, each manufactured product has been constructed to fit the palette of Earth. These exciting new formulations and treats are sure to be a new staple on our world as trade continues to flourish.

Referring to the short story, The Evaluators: To Trade with Aliens, You Must Adapt, by N.K. Jemisin which tells the tale of a speculative future where earth has openly interacted with countless planets around the universe. This projects aims to capture the human fascination with other-ness and the commercialization and "colonization" of foreign species, plants and resources.