Throughout my time at RISD and beyond, I’ve been assigned several projects which I’ve had a lot of fun thinking through, crafting, or sketching out. While it wouldn’t be appropriate to give them their own page, I think that play and process work still needs a place on in everyone’s portfolio. So, this is my place. 

Most projects to the left are one-week brainstorming pieces that I had a lot of fun making or were a cornerstone in working out a larger goal/project.  Given this, the documentation is not the same quality as my long-term projects. 

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Face Paint

Books come in all shapes and sizes. How can designers consolidate existing content and make it new through conscientious book design?

This photography book focuses on the evolution of makeup over time. With a focus on the history and growth through modern innovations, this design aims to highlight the beauty of detailed cosmetic photography and the philosophy behind various cosmetic looks and practices.

The overall experience of this book was designed with the viewers relationship to fashion magazines in mind. As a
source for much knowledge on fashion and makeup, viewers are used to a particular look and feel for makeup related imagery and text.

The goal in this design was to subvert the use of cheap, glossy paper and flimsy binding in favor of creating a beautiful and luxurious-feeling object for collectors to appreciate. To do so, I used a visible wire binding that aligns with droplines throughout the book. The cover is created using etched, mirrored acrylic to give the reader the ability to see their own face and even do their make if they so choose.