Throughout my time at RISD and beyond, I’ve been assigned several projects which I’ve had a lot of fun thinking through, crafting, or sketching out. While it wouldn’t be appropriate to give them their own page, I think that play and process work still needs a place on in everyone’s portfolio. So, this is my place. 

Most projects to the left are one-week brainstorming pieces that I had a lot of fun making or were a cornerstone in working out a larger goal/project.  Given this, the documentation is not the same quality as my long-term projects. 

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Onion Horoscopes

Fall 2016

The Onion Horoscope Cookies

The initial objective of this exercise was to take a favorite piece of design and make a new version of the piece by translating it into another, completely different format. The goal was to think about the medium and specificity of the original design, its original context(s), the intentions of the designer, and our own responses to it.

One of my favorite website designs and comedic-relief centers takes shape in The Onion, a news source dedicated to nothing but outlandish, fake news stories. The site covers everything from current events to sports to the creation of the universe. As such, an additional layer of irony I wanted to explore the design and consumption of horoscopes, pieces of writing which already face a heavy level of skepticism.

While The Onion already permeates online and printed media, one avenue not yet used by this "news" source is an already popular form of divination: fortune cookies. The goal of this design was to merge the mealtime future-felling of fortune cookies with The Onion's outlandish horoscopes. I imagined this design permeating The Onionworkplace and other highly satirized environments.