I have a great love of classical literature and, to this day, Paradise Lost remains one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. It is this beauty and Milton’s critical view of free will that inspired me to create a boardgame ofthis classic poem.

The Paradise Lost & Won game board is loosely fashioned after Milton’s model of the universe, presenting players with the choice to win in either Heaven or Hell. The housing for this game alludes to the shape and layout of a book and is intended to be stored upright on a shelf surrounded by other books. Game pieces and cards are stored inside of the game box, underneath the summarizing story flaps on either side.  The game board is in separates that snap together with magnets for ease of assembly and storage.

All wooden parts of the game board were created using a high-power laser cutter to shape and score birchwood panels. These panels were then glued and painted to get a clean, black finish. All game cards and instructions were printed with white, clear, and black UV inks to preserve the richness and texture of the black and metallic papers.


Paradise Lost - John Milton


Mohawk Curious Skin - 140lb Black
Mohawk Curious Cosmic - 110lb Black Hole, 110lb Mercury, 110lb Pearl

Birchwood plywood

Brass hardware
Neodymium magnets


UV printer
Digital printer
Laser cutter
Drill press