Throughout my time at RISD and beyond, I’ve been assigned several projects which I’ve had a lot of fun thinking through, crafting, or sketching out. While it wouldn’t be appropriate to give them their own page, I think that play and process work still needs a place on in everyone’s portfolio. So, this is my place. 

Most projects to the left are one-week brainstorming pieces that I had a lot of fun making or were a cornerstone in working out a larger goal/project.  Given this, the documentation is not the same quality as my long-term projects. 

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The Providence Steel Yard is an artistic collective and event space that caters to the Providence community at large. For community outreach, I designed brand guidelines for their various marketing materials and created a publication to highlight their various artists in residence. Though their website and brochures were based on pre-existing foundations, the publication, Yard Work, was an extrapolation that I fostered myself.

The goal was to make a periodical that felt true to their guidelines while still representing some artistic license. The biggest hole in the Steel Yard’s marketing outreach was their connection to their artists, so I wanted to use this publication as a way to boost their exposure. The first edition of Yard Work worked to lay out different types of content which artists may produce, be it catalogues, interviews, articles, or images.

This design makes liberal use of the color yellow as both a graphic and hierarchical marker. This design edition also shows various photographic treatments, giving options for images that do not meet quality standards. Overall, the Steel Yard was very pleased with the results and will be implementing the rebrand in Summer 2019.