Throughout my time at RISD and beyond, I’ve been assigned several projects which I’ve had a lot of fun thinking through, crafting, or sketching out. While it wouldn’t be appropriate to give them their own page, I think that play and process work still needs a place on in everyone’s portfolio. So, this is my place. 

Most projects to the left are one-week brainstorming pieces that I had a lot of fun making or were a cornerstone in working out a larger goal/project.  Given this, the documentation is not the same quality as my long-term projects. 

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Tying a Windsor Knot

Fall 2017

Tying a Windsor Knot

How can you use narrative as an instructional device? This video shows the tying of a Windsor Knot through interactions between a couple showing that instruction can be more than lists or diagrams.

The initial objective of this exercise was to create a video of two minutes or less that describes how to execute a chosen task without using words or voiceover. Out of the options, I chose to made a video instructing the viewer on how to tie a Windsor knot. I chose to frame these instructions with narrative to make clear that tying a tie is an activity most easily done with the help of another person.