At its core, Womanhood:Motherhood is a collection of essays, poems, and photographs which I’ve written and archived over the past several years. This book serves as a small culmination to my line of interest in womanhood, motherhood, and the complicated links between those two forms of identification. Many readers come at these subjects from very different places than I do. So, this book was created to build the same sense of discomfort and uneasiness that I experience with these subjects through careful material choices.

Though traditionally bound, Womanhood:Motherhood was printed on waterproof paper and is packaged in a “gestational” water pouch. Breaking open this pouch sets in motion the experience of the book’s contents and creates a visceral entrance for each reader. The discomfort of tearing through the seal connects to the deeply personal nature of the essays and topics in the book, from childbirth, to body image, to aging. The reader is always aware of the slippery, wet nature of the book, viewing all texts and images through this filter.


Terraslate Waterproof - 80lb Text, White
Terraslate Waterproof - 80lb Cover, White

Pink vinyl
Vacuum seal bag
Waxed thread


Kettle stitch binding
Digital printer
Vinyl cutter