In a world full of opinions who do you listen to?

As a graphic design student, I have been shaped almost exclusively by other’s views on typography. Through writings from both classical and contemporary typographers, I’ve been taught me how to treat and create type.

However, while typographic essays have greatly shaped the foundation of my education, they tend to contradict one another. To highlight this, Essays in Type features a selection of the most controversial essays and interviews from my graphic design education.

The goal of this book’s layout is to highlight the clashing and overlapping opinions in the gathered essays, while giving the reader a space to connect and observe their own thoughts on typography.

The unique layout of this book played a huge part in the overall design, requiring hand-stitching and precision cutting to create a book within a book. The moving margin is an important way that the reader interacts with their own perceptions of the various essays. Red is used as an overall color theme which highlights the quotations and essays of most importance.


Mohawk Superfine - 80lb Ultrawhite
Canford Cardstock - 180lb Bright Red
Alvin Quadrille - 24lb Gridded

Canson board - Grey 
PVA glue
Waxed thread - Red
Felt pen - Red

Kettle stitch binding
Digital printer