LEGO® Collection

A widely successful collection of licensed products for the pandemic puzzle and toy boom.


Brick Playing Card Deck
This set of playing cards is housed in a collectible keepsake box and contains two standard 54-card decks. Each deck features vibrant, colorful brick designs on the backs and custom minifigure illustrations for each face card. 

Rainbow Brick Puzzle
With this puzzle, 1,000 pieces come together to reveal bricks in all shades of the LEGO rainbow—from Bright Red to Earth Blue to Cool Yellow and everything in between. 

Master Builder Notebook
This deluxe guided notebook is filled with LEGO facts, building prompts, quotes, and goal trackers, it is designed to organize ideas and spark creative thinking every day. The cover features an internal spinning wheel so you can choose one of three titles to suit your mood. 

Designer, Illustrator

Sara Schneider (Chronicle Books)
The LEGO® Company

Playing Card Trim:  4 in x 5.75 in
Playing Card ISBN: 9781797210711

Puzzle Trim:  11 in x 9 in
Puzzle ISBN: 9781797210728

Notebook Trim: 6 in x 8 in
Notebook Page Count: 128 pages
Notebook ISBN: 9781797211947

Spring 2022